EdisonLearning’s Partner Schools Programmes have redefined what we mean by effective school improvement. There is no catalogue of courses, and no pre-defined set of interventions. It is not about plugging holes, but about building professional capacity to make change irreversible.


Adaptable tools and resources that focus on the key improvement priorities that face all schools. Each of the tools reflects what research and evidence tells us makes the greatest impact on pupil achievement, and all of them have been designed to be used flexibly in response to each schools priorities.


For the past 14 years we have been working alongside our partner schools, providing great ideas, innovative tools and approaches, so that they can become great places to learn and great places to teach.

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Reminder: Check your school’s data by 15th September

The performance tables data checking exercise is open until 5pm on Friday 15th September. [...]

Sutton Trust Report June 2017 – Chain Effects 2017

The Sutton Trust in its fourth annual report on academy chains, Chain [...]

Second school at Grenestede Academy judged GOOD!

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West Borough – Outstanding for Leadership and Early Years Provision. So well deserved!

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NAHT Aspire bucks the trend in inspection outcomes!

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A Broad and Balanced Curriculum

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US Graduation 2017

EdisonLearning Inc (USA) has seen 11 Graduation Ceremonies over the past month, [...]

Unsustainable Intervention

A well-known trust is planning to develop a knowledge based curriculum after [...]

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