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About Frog
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EdisonLearning’s unique approach to school improvement is supported by FrogLearn, a simple to use Learning Platform that provides teachers with access to the tools and resources they need on their improvement journey.

Frog is an organisation that shares EdisonLearning’s commitment to helping schools to be the very best that they can be.  They have a proven record of technological innovation and a dedication to working alongside schools that dates back more than fifteen years.  They have been chosen as the BETT ICT Company of the year twice in the past three years, and are working in partnership with the NAHT to provide technology solutions to help schools address the challenge of Life after Levels

As well as being used by 1,600 schools in the UK, Frog’s technology is having a massive impact on millions of children’s lives in Malaysia and is in over 10,000 schools across the country.

Frog’s core products are:

  • FrogLearn – Intranet, Learning Platform and Website. This is the product we are using for the Edisonlearning portal. It is simple to use, engaging and no matter what your ICT skills you can create fun and dynamic lesson resources and homework in a matter of minutes.
  • FrogPlay – FrogPlay is a simple and effective homework and assessment tool that incentivises students to learn in a fun and interactive way. It has over 170,000 questions mapped to the national curriculum and provides teachers with clear, insightful data to identify gaps in children’s knowledge
  • FrogSnap – Capture evidence and share best practice, including photos, short videos and audio
  • FrogProgress – Frog partnered with the National Association of Head Teachers to develop a solution that would help address the removal of National Curriculum levels. It will enable you to measure the progress of every child, clearly see where they need to be and how to get them there

If you would like to know more about how Frog’s technology can help you and your school, please visit the Frog website.