Congratulations to The RJ Mitchell Primary School!

The RJ Mitchell Primary School, in Hornchurch, has been working in partnership with EdisonLearning since September 2007. Prior to 2005, The RJ Mitchell Primary School experienced a very unsettled period with threatened closure, dropping numbers and a very high turnover of children causing a barrier to achievement. In 2005, an Acting Head Teacher led the [...]

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Postgraduate Certificate in School Improvement / Postgraduate Diploma in Education

EdisonLearning are delighted to announce the University of Derby’s post graduate Certificate/ Diploma  School Improvement. This has been designed with strands, subject and senior leaders in NAHT Aspire, Cooperative Challenge and EdisonLearning partner schools and will enable them to use their experience as the basis for study and accreditation. Click here to download more information. [...]

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Congratulations to St Teresa’s!

St Teresa’s Catholic Primary is a single form entry school in north Bristol. It serves a diverse community, with 70% of the children having English as an additional language.  St Teresa’s has been order lipitor us working alongside EdisonLearning UK for approximately six years, first working with the Bristol Curriculum Network and then adding Quality [...]

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Continuing Partnership Conference

Delegates from our Continuing Partnership Conference in London experienced an amazing and inspiring day. With key messages from Sean Harford and "motivated speaker" Andy Cope. "another inspiring day from Edison!" - Mrs Ashley Crittenden, Headteacher, West Borough Primary School "Spreading the love this morning!" - Helen Longton-Howorth, Headteacher, Carden Primary School Sean [...]

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Congratulations to St Mary’s Church of England Primary School in Burnham-on-Crouch

The recently published inspection report on St Mary’s C of E Primary in Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex tells a story of a school that has made strong progress in all areas since its last inspection in early 2014.  It commends the school’s leaders for the actions they have taken and the culture of ambition that has [...]

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Precision Pedagogy

Teaching the right thing in the right way to the right learners Precision Pedagogy is a research based approach that enables teachers to assess precisely, to identify effective strategies for learning, to break down objectives into smaller manageable steps and to systematically plan for the success of their learners. Precision Pedagogy is based on [...]

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EdisonLearning release the Quality Framework for Leadership

The second of EdisonLearning’s suite of professional frameworks, the Quality Framework for Leadership (QFL) has now been released for schools in England and Wales. Building on the success and popularity of the Quality Framework for Learning and Teaching that now underpins the professional discussions between teachers in hundreds of schools generic lipitor 80 mg price [...]

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