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Connecting research on learning with assessment, planning and accountability

Compass Pupil Tracking Tool

Compass is EdisonLearning’s online pupil tracking tool. It is the only online application that incorporates our Achievement Statements (as well as the Learning and Life Skills ‘I can’ Statements). It is designed primarily to support teachers to finely focus their planning, choices of teaching method and assessment criteria.

Compass sits perfectly within our work with partner schools, including NAHT Aspire, but its simplicity and transparency mean that any school can adopt Compass as its way of purposefully tracking and planning success for their learners.

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Compass in action

“Compass is a tool which makes the tracking of both progress and attainment a straight forward task. You can focus on individuals, classes or even cohorts depending on what your needs might be. The tracking system is simple and straight forward and this has helped in getting all staff on-board and using it effectively.

A great aspect of Compass is that all the tables, charts and matrices are downloadable to Microsoft Word or Excel which makes it simple to accommodate them into our data packages or other documents. The more we use Compass, the more features we uncover and the greater the benefit to our school.”

Why EdisonLearning has developed Compass

We designed Compass on the principle that ‘we assess in order to teach’. Too often tracking tools seem to be based on teachers supplying management information rather than giving themselves insights for planning and teaching. Compass will generate important summative data for individuals, cohorts and groups typically found in trackers, but this is a by-product rather than its core purpose.

At every step, Compass connects with research on how children learn to create a unique and empowering experience for teachers. At the heart of Compass are the EdisonLearning Achievement Statements. These differentiate two types of learning outcomes – those where learners need to be accurate and speedy versus those where concepts and connections are more important. Compass supports EdisonLearning Precision Pedagogy, an integrated approach to ‘Teaching the right thing, in the right way to the right learners’.

Pupil tracking tool

Transparent and intuitive

We have designed Compass through the eyes of users rather than the design of a database. Our goal is that all users start their journey through Compass with a concise and easily interpreted picture of the attainment and progress of learners whom they are responsible. From this launch point teachers and leaders can speedily identify specific groups of learners, key learning outcomes and the relationship between the two, as well as update their assessments.

EdisonLearning’s Achievement Statements

Simple updating of assessments against EdisonLearning’s Achievement Statements and against Age Related Expectations and depth of learning. Reports inform planning and grouping. Compass has been developed with our partner Pupil Asset. It is built on their robust and reliable cloud based data management systems so that teachers and leaders can rely on accessing Compass anywhere and at any time.

Pupil tracking tool
Pupil tracking tool

To find out more about how Compass can help your teachers and learners to achieve more, arrange to speak to an EdisonLearning Achievement Adviser in your area by calling: EdisonLearning: 01376 562953