Disappointed with your school’s SAT results?

Disappointed with your school’s SAT results?

Disappointed with your school’s SAT results?

115 schools were engaged in NAHT Aspire when learners took the 2017 SATS. Before partnering with NAHT Aspire 44% of the schools were ‘Good or better’. By the time of the 2017 SATS 74% were judged to be ‘Good or better’.

Overall the NAHT Aspire partner schools:

  • Increased the percentage of learners meeting age related expectations in Reading, Writing & Mathematics by 11%, comfortably exceeding the national improvement and taking the cohort of schools from below (50% in 2016) to matching the national figure (61% in 2017)

  • Doubled their percentage of learners attaining at the higher level across the three core subjects combined (3.8% in 2016 to 7.7% in 2017)

  • Showed improved and positive progress scores on all measures

What has made the difference?

NAHT Aspire is a holistic approach to school improvement, but many schools specifically cite the impact of the Precision Pedagogy approach that ensures learners achieve fluency in essential foundational knowledge and skills, enables teachers to breakdown goals and plan learning sequences that are destined for success and has strategies to build depth of understanding in crucial concepts.

If you would like to talk to us about accelerating the progress of your learners through a partnership or bringing Precision Pedagogy to your school contact us at uk@edisonlearning.com or 01376 562593.

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