The impact of NAHT Aspire

The impact of NAHT Aspire

The impact of NAHT Aspire

Wherever you are in your improvement journey, ASPIRE can help you. The journey to excellence continues in every school.

Here are some excerpts from inspection reports from 2015-16, along with the thoughts of the head teachers on the impact of Aspire.

Brightlingsea Junior School

Ofsted Report June 2015

The headteacher and governors have, since the previous inspection, created effective systems and procedures which have improved the quality of teaching and learning across the school. There has been a resolute drive and determination to use local partners effectively to improve provision and thereby enhance the learning opportunities offered to pupils. Pupils have responded very well. They behave well and are keen to learn.

Aspire empowered our middle leaders to have the confidence to take all of our staff on a journey, implementing new ideas from the Aspire programme and recognising and building on existing good practice. This confidence really shone through, just 2 terms into the partnership when Ofsted arrived and those middle leaders really impressed in their conversations with inspectors. After securing our good outcome at the inspection the partnership with Aspire has helped to ensure that we maintained our momentum and we have continued to improve. We are now in term 6 and we are embedding and refining activities and strategies to maximise their impact. After initially seeing the benefits in the leadership of the school we have now been focusing on ensuring all staff and governors, at all levels, understand the Aspire principles and the important part they have to play in the impact this project is having on school improvement at Brightlingsea Juniors.
Claire Claydon, Headteacher

Tiptree Heath Primary School

Ofsted Report February 2016

Partnerships with other schools are good. The school is carrying out a three-year programme, focused on developing strong teamwork across the school, brokered by the local authority. Teaching teams in each classroom, where teachers work closely with their learning support assistants, have already shown a speedier impact on improving outcomes.

Relationships between staff and school leaders are positive. Many staff agree that they feel valued and well supported to improve. One commented that, ‘The staff here work really well as a team, especially when school improvement is involved. Any issues in the school are discussed and resolved to everyone’s best ability’.

All the teachers at Tiptree Heath Primary have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Aspire Leadership Programme.

Working together with the Aspire advisors, the programme has been extremely powerful in generating a sense of accountability and confidence within our team.
The termly Network training days with other schools have encouraged leaders to discuss and reflect on the practices within our school and introduce strategies to improve teaching and learning.

The programme focuses on the Teaching and Learning Framework and has enabled teachers to use specific tools to improve areas relevant to our school improvement.
Aspire has empowered my staff to coach and challenge each other and strive towards better learning outcomes for all our children. It has been the best whole school approach to staff development.

The initiative has had a huge impact which Ofsted recognised in February this year and we will continue to work using this model in our journey to becoming an outstanding school.

Tracey Oram, Headteacher

Collingwood Primary School

Ofsted Report May 2016

The headteacher is very ambitious for the school and, with strong support from senior leaders, is showing a determination to drive improvement forward so that it becomes an outstanding school. The headteacher has set high expectations for staff and pupils alike. Leaders have set the right priorities for development and work continuously together to improve teaching and learning so that pupils make good progress. ……..Rigorous systems in place, such as the weekly achievement meetings and regular coaching for trainee teachers, underpin key aspects of the school’s work and have been central to improving the quality of teaching.

Aspire has been fundamental in ensuring that Leadership at Collingwood is well distributed, solution focused and effective. Unlike with other school development experiences, after each Aspire input, staff feel enthused and, most importantly, enabled and determined to succeed; their expectations of what we can achieve have increased significantly since we started the project. As a school we feel that we have complete ownership of the development direction we take but are given the tools, based on research, we need in order to prioritise and make effective changes promptly and efficiently.
Amanda Buckland Garnett, Headteacher

Highwood Primary School

Ofsted Report July 2016

The headteacher leads the school with a strong vision of excellence. This is well evidenced in pupils’ enthusiasm for learning, the improving quality of their work and their understanding of what they need to do to make progress.

Because other key leaders are also teaching, planned improvements are implemented quickly and consistently. Work in partnership with other schools is used well to develop teaching and to check on the accuracy and quality of the school’s work.

The Aspire programme has provided a range of well proven concepts which we were able to adapt/tailor to our school.
The development of a collaborative approach with all staff through the use of Achievement teams has been pivotal in this journey and provided a solid base which has been imperative despite staff changes. Furthermore as a small school having access to staff training and adviser support through a coaching style of development has given all staff confidence.
The next step to outstanding will include enhancing pupils’ voice further and continuing the development of staff.
Helen Hutchins, Headteacher

St Mary’s Primary Burnham on Couch

Ofsted Report June 2016

Since the previous inspection, leadership at all levels has improved. A leadership programme has helped leaders to take responsibility for reviewing practice and making changes needed. Middle leaders understand the strengths and areas for improvement for their subjects and make regular checks on the quality of teaching and learning that are generally effective. Consequently, leaders are more confident in leading their areas of responsibility and provide teachers with feedback that helps improve individual practice.

The Aspire Programme has helped to empower leaders at various levels throughout the school, so that all staff and governors are able to take ownership of and responsibility for the school’s development.
The practical experience and expertise that has been brought into the school by the Aspire advisers, along with the careful coaching approach that they adopt, has enabled us to better understand our challenges and to create our own solutions for moving the school forwards.
The extremely supportive, yet rigorous, nature of the Aspire programme has considerably increased the levels of self-esteem and confidence for both staff and governors. This confidence is now bringing a renewed enthusiasm and drive to embed the recent developments and refine these even further in the third year of the programme so that the impact on learning continues to increase.
Geraldine Denham-Hale, Headteacher
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