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NAHT Aspire Connect
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A coherent and connected approach designed to help groups of like-minded schools, including multi-academy trusts and federations, achieve the very best from long-term collaboration.

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We believe that the most important things that bring schools together – and keep them working in partnership over many years – are commonly held values and a shared set of beliefs about what constitutes a great education.  Where these are supported by common systems and practice you have the recipe firmly in place for effective collaboration and a sound starting point from which to consider and be in control of future structural options such as academisation.

NAHT Aspire Connect has been designed specifically to help schools to meet this challenge and provide a vehicle through which individual schools can effectively build sustainable partnerships while continuing to focus on their own unique context and priorities.

Based on the highly acclaimed NAHT Aspire Partner Schools Programme, Aspire Connect invests in building capacity and strength in each participating school, and guides the formation of common systems and processes across schools.

The Aspire Connect approach assists groups of schools to:

  • Build a practical and manageable vision for a shared future based on commonly held educational principles and values, and to convert that vision into practice that reflects the culture and ethos of each individual school and their distinctive communities
  • Extend effective collaborative professional practice at all levels through a coordinated investment in CPD, leadership development and classroom innovation
  • Evolve and embed the shared systems and processes essential to effective collaboration
  • Develop school-to-school support mechanisms that respond to changing needs and ambitions, and to the demands of inspection and national accountability standards, so that each school is able to access high quality support, regardless of its status and standing
  • Build governance and management processes that focus on quality and impact, and that respond to the evolving national landscape
“It’s given us the confidence to say ‘this is what we believe in and this is what we are going to do’

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All Connect networks have access to the full range of resources contained within the Quality Framework for School Development, and work with a Lead Achievement Adviser to shape and support a bespoke programme that best fits the needs and ambitions of the group and its member schools.

The progress of each Connect network is guided by our ISO9001 Quality Management process which provides governors and trustees with a clear and certain mechanism through which to monitor impact and value for money.

To find out how Aspire Connect might support the development of your family of schools, please contact us on 01376 562953 to arrange an initial discussion with one of our Lead Achievement Advisers.