Partner Schools Programme

Here at EdisonLearning partnership is seen as the way to become truly outstanding. We believe that the solution to the challenges facing today’s education system can be found in the profession itself. High quality collaboration can unlock the capacity, innovation and wisdom required to drive our schools to achieve their potential.

But effective and impactful partnerships take far more than just good intentions and a willingness to work together.  The best and most rewarding collaborations are carefully planned, rigorously implemented and continuously reviewed.  They are also immensely rewarding and professionally stimulating for all that are involved.

Over the past 14 years, we have made it our business to understand what makes partnership effective, and to turn that knowledge and understanding into practical programmes for change and improvement.


We have redefined what we mean by School Improvement. There is no catalogue of courses, and no pre-defined set of limited interventions. It is not about plugging holes, but about building professional capacity to make change irreversible.


Intervene once – and make improvement stick.
Break the cycle of dependency on short-term initiatives. Deliver the best for this year’s examination groups – and every year to come


The demands on special schools are unique, but the EdisonLearning approach to school improvement is equally as effective and relevant to this distinctive group of schools, and our track record of impact equally as strong.

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The Aspire programme was conceived by the NAHT in response to their members’ concerns regarding the ever-increasing demands of national accountabilities and the decline in traditional sources of support. Following a highly acclaimed pilot programme, the NAHT Aspire programme is now being made available to NAHT members and their schools across England.


The Collaborative Academies Trust is a growing multi academy trust for primary secondary and special schools sponsored by EdisonLearning.


EdisonLearning’s approach that emphasises the importance and potential of collaboration is well suited to the needs of trusts and federations seeking to increase both the distinctiveness and impact of their education offer.

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We are finding this partnership to be innovative and supportive. David works with us alongside his colleague Mark; and they are helping the entire school community to embrace change for the better. Overall, EdisonLearning is providing solid support and resources, and we find that nothing is too much trouble – emails are answered very quickly and follow up documentation is almost by return of post. My colleagues and I believe that this has been a transformational partnership”  

– Mrs. Gill Kendrick, Headteacher of St. Michael’s Primary Academy, Exeter