Precision Pedagogy

Precision Pedagogy

Precision Pedagogy

Teaching the right thing in the right way to the right learners

Precision Pedagogy is a research based approach that enables teachers to assess precisely, to identify effective strategies for learning, to break down objectives into smaller manageable steps and to systematically plan for the success of their learners.

Precision Pedagogy is based on EdisonLearning’s analysis of 100 years of research and theory about human learning which we have distilled into Four Modes of Learning – four distinctive methodologies for achieving different types of outcome. In particular we have mapped the 2014 National Curriculum for core subjects and Science, classifying Achievement Statements in terms of being Foundational (the things learners need to have immediately at their fingertips) or Conceptual (things that learners need to be able to understand, apply and communicate), and relating these  to Age Related Expectations.

This approach enables us to work with teachers to help them to assess lipitor price exactly where learners have reached, identifying where they may be stuck and developing teachers’ skills in planning pathways that will accelerate progress. Linked to this we have developed Fast Learning, a highly focused and efficient approach to ensuring that learners master vital knowledge and skills in maths, transcription and reading at an early stage.

Precision Pedagogy gives teachers the toolkit they need to assess, plan and implement teaching to assure success for their learners. To bring this all together we have worked with our partners, Pupil Asset, to develop Compass our online tracking tool. We have designed Compass through the eyes of users rather than the design of a database. Our goal is that all users start their journey through Compass with a concise and easily interpreted picture of the attainment and progress of learners for whom they are responsible. It will also generate important summative data for individuals, cohorts and groups typically found in trackers.

Precision Pedagogy is a key ingredient of EdisonLearning’s Partner Schools Programme which underpins the NAHT Aspire school improvement initiative.

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