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Quality Framework for Leadership

Quality Framework for Leadership

Quality Framework for Leadership
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The Quality Framework for Leadership (QFL) is a school leadership development tool that supports schools in translating the theory of great leadership into the everyday practice of all leaders, thus maximising the impact of school leadership on learner outcomes.

Key Features

  • Designed to develop the leadership practice of all leaders: governors; Leadership Team; middle leaders; aspiring leaders
  • Aligned with the Ofsted evaluation schedule to support schools in securing good and outstanding judgements for the effectiveness of Leadership and Management.
  • Informed by nationally and internationally renowned leadership models and competency frameworks, including Standards of Excellence for Headteachers, DfE 2015
  • Supportive of the successful completion of NPQML and NPQSL programmes
  • Consisting of four Leadership Elements: Visionary Leadership; Thought Leadership; Organisational Leadership; Leading People and sixteen Leadership Themes (four per Element)
  • Implemented in schools through a 360 evaluation and coaching model

School Leadership Development


The QFL has two component parts: The Leadership Rubric and The Behaviours (Leaders & School Community).

The Leadership Rubric

The Leadership Rubric provides a set of descriptors against which leadership can be evaluated across the four Leadership Elements and sixteen Leadership Themes. The rubric contains descriptors at four development stages per each Leadership Theme: beginning; developing; proficient; exemplary.

The Behaviours

The Behaviours are used to support individuals in developing and sustaining the practice of highly effective leaders and evidencing the impact of their leadership on members of the school community.

Key Outcomes:

  • Improved performance of individual leaders, The Leadership Team and other school teams
  • Highly effective distributed leadership
  • Ofsted judgments of good and outstanding for the Effectiveness of Leadership and Management

The Guide, Resources & Training

To support schools with implementing the QFL the tool is supplemented with the following:

  • The Guide – a guide to the purpose, structure and implementation of the QFL
  • A set of resources:

    -Implementation plan

    -Colleague evaluation

    -Evaluation record

    -Development & sustainability record

    -Leadership conversations log

    -Ofsted evaluation schedule and QFL

  • Training materials for participant leaders and leadership coaches:

    -Participant leader training session

    -Leadership coach training session

    -Leadership coaching guide