UK Managing Director

UK Managing Director

UK Managing Director

In the three years since EdisonLearning’s ownership transition, our company has taken positive steps in both operational performance and business growth to set us on a trajectory for a strong and successful future. This has especially been the case with the work done by our team in the United Kingdom, which in no small measure has been due to the leadership of Tim Nash as Managing Director.

Since 2003, Tim has applied his experience within the education sector and beyond to help EdisonLearning become firmly established as a trusted partner to schools and a champion of educational innovation.  In his four years as Managing Director, he has transformed the company’s financial performance and opened the door to groundbreaking educational and commercial partnerships in the UK and beyond, helping to establish EdisonLearning’s international presence and reputation.

Tim is a valuable colleague and good friend, and it is, therefore, with mixed emotions that I share with you he has taken the decision to step down from the role of Managing Director in the UK.

We are fortunate that Jerry Baker, who was previously a member of the UK team, will be taking on the position of Managing Director.

With a career history spanning both the public and private sectors, Jerry has extensive experience in business transformation, performance improvement, and change management and he has worked in the Education sector since 2001. Due to his earlier tenure with the UK team as Operations Director, and previous to this in support of our work in the Middle East, he will bring strong direction to the development activities and growth plans of EdisonLearning in the UK and other countries.

As Tim said to the UK staff, “It is great to be able to pass on the baton to someone who knows our business as well as Jerry does, and who has the skills and experience to take the company forward.” I totally concur.

I know that you all join me in welcoming Jerry back to EdisonLearning; and share the deepest appreciation and thanks to Tim for all that he has done on behalf of the company, and for the young people we help to educate.

Thom Jackson

President & CEO

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